Cradle Will Rock | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {KY Commercial Photography}

Some of my favorite things...Boyd's Orchard (especially in the spring), beautiful weather, absolutely adorable hand made children's clothing, and two of the sweetest little girls.  I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot for the hip little boutique Cradle Will Rock  in Victorian Square. Rhonda is not only the owner of this fab little store, but she is the designer of the Cradle Will Rock line of clothing. One of the things that I love about her clothing line are the fabrics she puts together. So interesting and well, it just works! You know...she also does CUSTOM dresses. You can bring your daughter into the store and she can pick out the fabric she wants for her very own dress. I also love Rhonda's story. She lived in California where she has a very successful store (I hear some well known celebs even shopped there). Came to KY, fell in love with it, and decided to not only open a store here, but move here. It's been quite an adjustment, but she loves it. I mean...who wouldn't? Here are a few of my favorites from the day. Unfortunately, we didn't get to do everything I had planned (sorry again to all those cute little boys), but we did still get to have these beauties (who I'm sure you may recognize from previous posts). More to come when I go home and let my Myca and Macy be my little models.

Cute little story about Ms. L. Her Momma had been telling her about being a model. She said "really? what's that!?". Momma tells her that models get to wear pretty dresses. They came to our house for Bret's birthday. Someone saw these dresses hanging and asked L if they were hers. She said "no, but I'm a model and models wear pretty dresses."

Second story...apparently momma was asking her how she was going to smile and she flashed a sweet, but fake little smile. So she explains that she should smile like she does when she laughs. What does Ms. L do?  Starts cracking up laughing. Now, she can give a full body, doubled over laugh, with a big smile, all on demand. I see a possible modeling or acting career in her future.

The light was absolutely amazing by the time we did these next images. Just look at the way it hits the dandelions. Did you know that Cradle Will Rock also makes "mommy and me" dresses? I don't think I could have asked for more beautiful models. I know many of you recognize these ladies. I do believe T knows everyone in Lexington, as well as Louisa. She has been so good to me. Telling everyone she can about the business. I knew instantly I wanted her and little Ms. C to model for me. Oh C was just the perfect model. She just played and made wishes on the dandelions. I was even more thrilled when they brought C's new tricycle with them.

I could just squeeze C. Actually I believe I did before they left.

Picture on the left...very first one I took of her that day and it ended up being on of my favorites.

Love the little bruises from her tricycle accidents. I remember my days growing up. I still have scars all over my legs from all the bike wrecks.

Thank you to Cradle Will Rock, Boyd's Orchard (who are always so nice to let me use their beautiful property even when they're closed!), and the beautiful models...and especially those cute little boys that didn't end up getting to model :( You will always be the first ones I think of for any future modeling opportunities.

HAPPY DERBY DAY!!!!!!!! Fingers crossed for the pretty little filly!