Good Friends | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Danville, KY Senior Photographer}

First, I was told by Bret that I must talk about how much fun it was to coach Thad. I've been told that he was a coaches dream because he worked hard and listened well and loved the game. Truth be told, Bret and I both think the world of Thad and the rest of his family. We did more pictures in the fall, but I wasn't able to blog them. It makes my heart happy that I now get to brag about him here for everyone to see. His momma, Stephanie, and I chatted back and forth about the session and one of the first things she told me was how much he loves having his picture made, which of course thrilled me since most guys don't like this. In the fall we had so much fun, minus the 30 minutes it took 3 girls to figure out how to tie a tie. I don't really think we ever quite figured it out, but that didn't stop us. Anyone can tell just by being around him that Thad is just simply a good "kid". I know how very proud everyone is of the young man he has turned into. If you haven't figured it out yet, this is a family we hold very dear to our hearts. Now, wouldn't you love to have your picture taken if you had those eyes? And you know I love the freckles!

And his very beautiful sister who's birthday was just the day before. I think it definitely called for a birthday photo :) Now Ali on the other hand does not like to have her picture taken, but she SO should! Those freckles, her eyes, and beautiful red hair. I may convert her...

Did I mention we had the whole family along on the trip? Stephanie told me ahead of time that John would be joining us and that we must be sure to snap away because he very rarely will allow this. Actually I've been telling him for a couple years now that I was going to change his mind about being photographed. Not sure if I did that, but we did have lots of fun. One of the many things I love about this family is how much fun they have. I told Stephanie that I wanted to capture how funny John was, and how he's always talking, and how happy she was, and of course how wonderful the kids are. John was not happy about us being on Main Street in Danville, with all the people driving by, but I think it was worth it. Do you see how happy they are and why we love them?

Thank you all so much for being such special friends and all the support you give us.

We love you!

Cilla (& Bret)