Baby | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lancaster, KY Maternity Photographer}

Baby cousin Chris is going to be a daddy. I've hear so many stories from Bret of his and baby cousin Chris's days growing up. How Grandpa Stef would give them a cucumber and tomato and salt shaker for lunch, how Chris was disciplined for leaving his bike outside, and many other childhood stories. It's hard to believe that now he's going to have children of his own who will then have stories of their own. Katie and Ms. L fit into the family so well. Seems like they've always been there. Not to mention that they're both beautiful. Chris is a lucky man and I think he knows it!

Aren't they a beautiful family!?! Ms. L has the best jokes. I wish I could remember them because they are really hilarious :)

And a beautiful couple...