Protege | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {KY Child & Family Photography}

What a difference just a few months makes. I can't believe how much my loves have grown in just a few months. Miss Macy is sitting up and is just flat out hilarious...not to mention one of the prettiest babies I've ever seen (tied with Myca of course). Myca. She is so grown up. She lost two teeth about the same time Macy had two teeth coming in. She even pulled one herself! Oh...and I have to congratulate her because I hear she has been such a big girl and slept in her very own bed two nights this past week. Including a midnight call to our cousin "Hebby" to make sure she's "doing the right thing" by sleeping in her own bed. My favorite thing, that you know my heart melts about, is how much she gets into me being a photographer. She loves to pick out her outfits for pictures. She even asked if I would buy her a camera just like mine. lol. Good luck sister. But, I was beyond thrilled when I actually remembered to bring my old camera when I came to visit the last time. I can see this in her pocession one day in the future. We had a blast taking pictures of Macy. I was so proud of her. My little protege. Why do I have a feeling Macy will hate pictures?

Oh I can't stand it...those eyes and those cheeks! I just want to give her a big ol hug from miles away!

See how much older she looks...

I do miss my family so...

Peace and much much love,