firecracker T family | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington Family Photographer}

I'm going to call little Mr. C here my firecracker. He certainly kept me on my toes and I absolutely loved every minute of it! One of the things I love about photographing children is that they are true. They are themselves and that's it. I know so many parents try to get their kiddos to "behave" during a session (which I completely understand and appreciate), but I say let them be. Well, as long as they're not fighting or kicking me. lol. I think I wore my firecracker out as much as I was worn out. Another thing I love about kiddos, you know when they're done.  And isn't he adorable!?! I was completely in love with his lashes and hair! tackett

Then sweet little Ms. M. Oh my...just look at those eyes. I could absolutely squeeze her cheeks (I try to refrain from this because I don't want kiddos to think of me like great aunt sally who squeezes cheeks and wipes dirt off their face with spit. You don't know how many times I am very tempted to squeeze little chunky cheeks.) She was just so sweet. Just kept checking me out. Not sure what the strange lady with the camera thought she was doing up in her personal space :)

T family...thank you thank you for allowing me to see just a glimpse of your life. I hope to see many more. And momma...sorry for talking your leg off after :) I think I may have met another one of those clients that I could just talk to forever.