And the winner is.... | Helping Haiti {Priscilla Baierlein Photography} KY Lifestyle Photography

I am grateful. At first I didn't think anyone was going to donate and enter. Then for a few days I only had one entry (thank you Dawn for being the first to enter and being my second biggest supporter in this effort. I'll have to give Bret credit for being the biggest). Then the entries started coming in. Poor Bret. Every time I received a receipt I would squeel and tell him all about it. Thank you to each and every person who opened up their hearts and their wallets to donate and help the people of Haiti. I continue to read blog entries from the brave people on the ground trying to help and I am simply overwhelmed with...I don't know...emotion. The fear, the sorrow, the hope, the desperation, the down right is heart breaking from here...I can't imagine how it is from there. So if anyone who is there helping at this time ever reads this blog entry from little ol' me....thank you for all you have done.   I went old school with the drawing. I just folded up each entry and had Bret pick with his eyes closed. So, without further ado....the winner is....Brinkley Oliver!!!! Brinkly...I will be emailing you shortly!

Again...thank you to everyone! You are all winners in my heart because you helped someone in need! Thank you!

Peace, love, and xoxo-