Paper Heart | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {sap for romantic comedy}

I have tons of sessions to post and will be soon. April was a CRAZY month for me. Along with all the sessions, I've also been adding on some beautiful packaging and making some changes to my boutique products, as well as a couple of my prints. I'm so excited to show you beautiful pictures of all my new products, but I'm waiting until I have EVERYTHING. I'm so close to having everything *perfect*...well, at least perfect to me :) THE best products out there. THE best printing company. THE BEST OF THE BEST OF EVERYTHING. I've searched high and low and can't wait to show you what I've found! So, no pictures for now, but I wanted to show you this movie trailer I saw on another photographer's blog. I just loved it and thought I'd share :) I'm a sap for movies about love :)