Texas & KY Meet| Priscilla Baierlein Photography {KY Custom Photographer}

Well hello strangers! I know...I have been a very bad blogger! Well, that's all going to change :) I have been very busy trying to tie up all my loose ends before the busy season. Beginning in the spring and pretty much rest of the year, things get a little crazy. I have been getting all of my "ducks in a row" and making sure I'm running things the way I want to. I have most recently revamped all my wording and tied everything together on my website. This beautiful blog is now the home page of my website. My old website is simply my galleries now. If you're reading this through email, please make sure to come over and check everything out. Comment and let me know what you think! If you're not reading this through email, make sure to subscribe so you can receive updates through email :) There are lots of things happening right now that I'm SO excited about. I will post about them later, but for now I'll just give you the hint that something "HAUTE" is going on :) Okay...onto the good stuff! I have several blogs to post today to try and "catch-up"...so my wording will be a little short. Each entry will be full of beautiful pictures and less of my rambling :) I know...you're so disappointed ;)

This was the beautiful wedding of Brittany Broadus and JR Towles....now Mr. & Mrs. JR Towles. Some of you may recognize the name...JR is a VERY talented baseball player. He use to play for the Lexington Legends until he moved up into the MAJOR Leagues and now plays for the Houston Astros! Let me just say this young gorgeous couple have very exciting lives! They are always traveling with baseball, and when they're not traveling, they are in their fabulous new home!

Well...I did promise I wasn't going to ramble this time didn't I? Okay....onto the pictures! Here are a few "getting ready" shots...always my favorite! 



This dress was amazing and HAD to way more than Brittany! I can't wait to do the bridal session and get tons more of amazing shots of Brittany in her dress!



She's such a beautiful bride.


Okay...are these not the greatest boots ever!?! Go #46!




And so much fun!





I know not everyone is a fan of the texture...but I just love it! Don't worry...they get copies in color too :)


A couple from the short and sweet ceremony...



And their firework exit....


The first dance. I have to ramble again....I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way JR holds her. She's so tiny and he's so tall. He just scoops her in. They are such a sweet couple.

Another note before the reception pictures....With every wedding, there's always a part that I love the most (photography wise). Sometimes it's while the bride is getting ready, sometimes it's when they have a few minutes alone, but for me, their reception was the best! I loved it. It was a blast! KY and Texas people really know how to party! Plus there were SO many fun photo opportunities....from the sweet first dances...to JR's Mom giving them a special message....to the very fun music and dancing...to the pure craziness :) I loved every minute of it no matter how tired my feet were :)




I always love the father-daughter dances, but this one seemed extra special.



The entire wedding party was a blast to be around....especially by the end of the night. By that time I had forgiven all the guys for telling me their names were "Jim-Bob", "Frank", and God only knows what else :) I will so believe anything someone tells me! Good thing I'm bad with names anyway :)

I do have to give a special shout-out to the best man. At one point while I was taking pictures of everyone else dancing, I think he felt sorry for me and tried to get me join in. :) I think I may thrown a little hip swinging in there. Yes...I just called dancing "hip swinging".


LOVE THIS....told you they were all fun! The second one cracks me up! I really don't think he wanted it....


At one point in the night, someone came up to me and told me to keep an eye out for the guy in the next pictures. I'm glad I did! You'll see :) LOVE the second one!





I immediately loved the next picture....




Congrats JR & Brittany! Thank you for sharing your oh so special day with me!!! xoxoxo