Chris & Jessica get married! l Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Kentucky photographer}

What can I say...I LOVE Jessica...Chris is alright too ;) Okay...I do love him too. Jessica has been one of my biggest fans and supporters from the very beginning. She was my coworker at my old job and it didn't take long for us to turn into great friends. We shared a very small space together when I first started being interested in photography. I can actually remember the first day I told her I was starting to fall in love with this. I believe she said "Really? Cool." Then anytime I would do ANY sort of photography, she was one of the first I would show. She has seen almost all of my work. She has listened to me talk about photography for 2 years now. She has suffered through hours of me stressing over this detail and that of the business. As we say in KY..."Bless her heart!" Of course, I do remember (before she was a year before) the very first thing that brought Jessica and I together....our love for weddings! I even brought her my bag of wedding planning essentials and wedding magazines! Yes...I do believe I actually parted with them. We waited and waited and waited for the day Chris would finally propose! Anniversaries, holidays, and cruises would pass with no ring. Then on one perfect vacation, he did it at just the right time and in just the right way. As soon as we got word of the engagement, the plans began. First on the list...photographer :) Jessica (as did Jaslyn) told me as soon as i started photography that I had better start taking more "people pictures" because I had to photograph her wedding :) I love her for that. She was one who pushed me along the way. Now...when I say she had to listen for years about photography...she did pay me back *just* a little with all the wedding plans! We went back and forth between talking about photography and talking about weddings. We did throw a little politics and work related stuff in there too! We spent our hour lunch at Ramsey's or Mai Thai talking about just the right dress, just the right colors, and just the right flowers. I loved it though! I loved every minute of it and I miss those conversations oh so much. I love working from home, but I do miss my buddy. Now my daytime buddy is the tv I hear in the next room while I'm in the office working away. Don't get me wrong though...I do enjoy hearing all the drama of Sami and her baby's daddy EJ and how Hope shot Kayla and how Bo is now having "visions" and how Chloe and Daniel can't get enough of each other (for those of you who don't know...I am talking about the wonderful Days of Our Lives). I told Bret when I got home from Jessica's wedding that it was *perfect*. It was. Every detail. They had just the right amount of color, just the right amount of decorations, and it was truly filled with love. Jessica was so happy the entire day. THIS was the day she had been dreaming of. THIS was the man she had been waiting for. THIS WAS IT. She had it written all over her face. I truly feel honored that I was there to record every bit of it.




Somthing borrowed....


The luck and love of a mother. It is tradition that someone with a strong and successful marriage put your veil on. This is suppose to bring the same to you. Jessica's mom and dad have been married for over 35 years. They are such a beautiful couple. I've heard Jessica talk about it before, but I witnessed it on this day. They are so happy! And just so ....cute :)


She knew she was beautiful!






Love it! It reminds me of my favorite picture of me on my wedding day. We all know how I love the "full bodied" laughs :)




Nothin' but beauty.


Love them!


I wonder if Chris remembers what Jessica said in this next set of pictures. I do know he wouldn't look at me for a good 2 minutes!