Hart Maternity Sneak Peek l Priscilla Baierlein Photography {KY Maternity Photographer}

Happy 2009!!! My Grandma always said to be careful what you do on New Year's because that's what you'll be doing all year. So far, it looks like 2009 will be filled with travel, friends, editing, and blogging! That all sounds wonderful to me. I do feel truly blessed to be doing this. The thought of doing this all year long and for many many years to come, makes me just feel so happy and well....blessed :) You may recognize this beautiful Momma to be from a few posts ago. Diana, her hubby, and the puppy were so much fun to work with. I knew from the moment I stepped foot into their home that we were going to have lots of fun. Their house is gorgeous. So many fun and beautiful things to work with! Not to mention them being beautiful themselves. I can't wait for Parker to get here. From what I'm hearing it may be a little sooner than later!

Okay...look at the eyes in this family. Can you imagine how gorgeous Parker's going to be!?!



Funny story here...as many of my clients have found, I will often say cheesy things like "love on each other...whisper sweet nothings". If nothing else, it gets good laughs. So, the sweet nothings discussed here were "where are we going to eat tonight?" I was cracking up!


I love their floors! I can't wait to do some pictures of Parker here! And doesn't she have the perfect little belly?



And my absolute favorite from the shoot...