What is love? l Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Kentucky Lifestyle Photographer}

Hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday season! I know things are hectic right now for each of you. We get so caught up in the commercialism of it all that it's easy to forget what the holidays and what life in general is all about. Sometimes it takes the little ones to remind us. A while back my best friend told me about a question she asked her daughter, Bailey. I thought the answer was so sweet and simple. She asked Bailey what she felt love was. Bailey's answer was simply "a kiss". And the cutest part is that she said it like "duh Mom. Don't you know?"

So, with inspiration from Andrea, Bailey, and my favorite email forward, I proceeded to ask my little sister the same thing. What is love? Her answer:

"You know. Like Mom and 'shild'. Mom and Dad. You know, when everyone's together."

I think while we are running around like crazy, we need to take a minute to remember that the holidays aren't about the material gifts, but about the gift that each of us already give one another. As cheesy as it may be, it's the gift of love.

Ask your kiddo what they think love is. It may surprise you what they say and it may help keep your mind on the true meaning.

And just for the heck of it, here's a shot from one of my most recent sessions. charley