marathon blog.

Hello everyone! I'm back! So sorry it's been forever since my last blog. Even with just one wedding, August was VERY busy. I spent the month playing catch-up and getting some fun marketing stuff together. I also updated my website, so make sure to check it out

Before you start looking at all the fun pictures, I have to address two things. First, this is going to be somewhat of a marathon blog, so I apologize for the lack of much text. Secondly, somehow I messed up the size of my pictures I prepared today, so, all of those will be a lot smaller than the others. Sorry about that! Some of those pictures are my absolute favorites ever!, let's get going with all the fun pictures. First is just a couple pictures from the last maternity session.

Next are some pictures from the Carver family. What a fun family! Sorry for the delay in getting the blog! This isn't even a "sneak peek" anymore. They've had their gallery for almost 3 weeks! And have even placed their order :) Shew...I'm behind!

Here's just a couple from our beautiful God Daughter Audrei. I can't belive she's over a year old! Time just flies! of the pictures are so much smaller. I'm sorry. I will have it figured out by the next blog :( Hope you still enjoy! :)

The beautiful wedding I had in August. Laura and Mike are such a cute couple. The entire day was just so much fun! Hope you newlyweds are doing great!!!!

Here's Laura getting ready.

A few detail shots...

Oh my goodness...this church is amazing!

My very first senior session! We had a blast. I knew I would love doing senior pictures, but never had the opportunity to do any. Thanks Jacqueline! I'm so excited about all of these!

Last, but not least, a session from today with our good friend Megan and her beautiful girl Lauren. She is absolutely gorgeous. I love all the red hair and those blue eyes. The first image is one of my favorites of all time. Don't you just love that dress!?

Oh and this one melts my heart! 

Thanks everyone!!! I have tons of sessions coming up rest of the year. Be keeping your eyes out for many newborns, many weddings, an engagement session, and several families! I can't wait!