montgomery maternity shoot. lancaster, ky.

I had an amazing maternity session with Twila and Scott on Saturday. We started the day bright and early with some "trespassing" in a field :) If we were a little more daring we could have made it to a barn, but we decided it could just be in the background :) Twila was a trooper all day and let me as creative as I wanted to be. Scott was a great assistant...moving things, coming up with ideas, running a bubble bath, and even arranging bubbles (you'll see). We compared him to P. Diddy's "man-servant". I was a little disappointed he didn't follow me around with an umbrella all day though. We'll have to work on that ;)

The next two are tied for my absolute favorites. Definitely two of my favorites ever.

:) Apparently being a model can be hilarious :)

And Twila with the current two babies of the house.

Thank you thank you thank you again :)

And here's a little sneak peek of my next blog entry. The cute little guy is just 3 months old and already "environmentally friendly". :)