louisville, ky wedding. mike and nicole.

Here are just a few of my favorites from Nicole and Mike's wedding. This is such a sweet and fun couple. Nicole is costantly worrying about others. Through out the day, she kept asking if I was okay and if she could get me anything! As they were running through the bubbles and getting ready to make their get away, she turned and thanked me. I just thought that was so sweet. I had so much fun capturing their big day. Both of them have the most fun families. The best time was definitely at the reception. lol. Everyone definitely had some awesome moves. You'll get to see a little peek at the end :) This first one was while Nicole was getting ready, just after she got her veil on. To me, this kind of shows how peaceful she was all day. Just so calm and happy. Don't you just love that pin in her hair!?!

Her beautiful Mom buttoning her dress.

This next pictures is from one of the sweetest moments I've ever witnessed. This was the first time they had seen each other that day. Right before she turned around, she said, "I think I'm going to cry." Then came the tears. Mike wiped away those tears and they laughed and whispered and giggled. They were so cute. I was fighting back the tears the whole time.

They did think I was a little crazy when I got under the veil with them :)

Bling bling.

Father and son having a little talk :)

Now can you really look at the below picture and not smile!?! They were cracking me up all night.

Thank you all for such a great time!!!