James and Monica Wedding

I had the amazing opportunity to be the photographer for Monica Hardin and James Booker's wedding...now Mr. and Mrs. James Booker :) I feel so blessed to be chosen to record this fairytale wedding. I knew when I met James and Monica that they were a beautiful couple, both inside and out. I don't think I realized how beautiful until Saturday. The entire day was filled with love. Not just the strong love they have for one another, but also the love that everyone has for them. You could just feel it everywhere. From when Monica was getting her hair done...you could tell this woman just adored her. To the surprise arrival of a long distance friend who's daughter had just graduated the day before. To the limo ride to the church with all the girls who were toasting to the founder of the "H Factor" getting married. To a Father's prayer just before his son's wedding. To all the tears during the ceremony. To the 500 people who stood in line just to say congratulations after the ceremony. To all the hard work that came from the ceremony and dinner party coordinators. To all the people who spoke of how the couple had touched their lives and how they were inspired by their love. I caught myself getting choked up several times during the day. A couple times I could have broke out and cried if I wasn't moving on to the next camera click. Well, I will share a couple of the stories that inspired me. The first I will tell is one that Monica's long distance friend told during her toast at the dinner party. During one of Monica's visits when Monica and James had first started dating, she said that she had to call her man (that, of course, being James). Her friend walked into the room during the end of their phone call, and Monica and James were praying together. Monica then shared that they would do that every night as they were getting off the phone. Wow!

I have a TON of images to post process, but I went through and picked the ones that really popped out at me. The first one was just after Monica got her veil on and it is my most favorite from the day.

Monica getting ready. Isn't she just beautiful!

Another amazing moment of the day. Monica's Mom seeing her dress. This would be one of those times that I had to fight away the tears. She took her Mom's hands and ran it over the dress and described it all along the way. She did the same once she got her veil on.

Monica whispering sweet nothings into James ear. From the words of the Maid of Honor...that's legal now :)

As soon as I walked into this GORGEOUS house, I knew I had to get Monica and James on this couch for a picture. I'm so happy I did :)

A shout out to the picture we did during the engagement session. A little kiss around the pole.

Well, I just have to say it's amazing working with a model. You can get 50 different pictures from one "pose". She would just move her face a different way and make a different expression and it would be beautiful each time.

The bouquet.

The rings.

The cake.

The cake in the face :)

Their first dance as husband and wife (although there was lots of dancing all day!i wish i could move like they all could. trust me...I tried it today and it just wasn't happening!).

One more amazing story...Since 2001, Monica has been writing in a journal to her future husband. It wasn't until James proposed that she wrote his name in it. The night her proposed, she started the journal entry with "Dear James". She had so much to say to her future husband that she had to start another journal. Notice the first is Winnie the Pooh themed :) I love it!!! This was Monica's wedding gift to James.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Booker for this amazing opportunity. The two of you and your amazing families have truly inspired me and I also thank you for that. Much love to you both!