Jaslyn and Scott Engagement

 Jaslyn is one of my very best friends from college. I have always adored her. I've never met anyone more thoughtful as Jas'. She has been one of my biggest fans from the beginning. She has believed in me always and has never failed to tell me how proud she is. She was the first person who told me I needed to do "people pictures" because I was going to do her wedding one day. I feel honored to be the one chose to capture every moment of her special day. I was also so excited to finally meet Scott. I had heard so much about him, I really felt like I already knew him. Well, they are adorable! I can't wait until the big day!

I love you doggy, even though you bit me (maybe if I could remember his name, he would like me a little better). I forgive you :) All the kisses did it for me!